My Vocational Credo

For the past 6 months or so, I’ve been in a period of re-evaluation about my career, calling, gifts, skills, and passions. This can be a vague and confusing process with seemingly no solid answers. Fortunately, I came across Deborah Loyd’s Your Vocational Credo at just the right time, and began prayerfully working through it as part of my discernment process. A “vocation,” as defined by Loyd, “is a creative significant work unique to you, expressed with deep joy as a love offering to God, exuding self-respect and care for others that meets the needs of the world in a meaningful way.”

The first few chapters focused on identifying the three main points of my “Vocational Triangle” as a way of potentially getting at my specific vocational credo:


I also did a little test in the appendix to help identify my top 3 “vocational preferences,” the best ways for me to live out my vocation:

  • Problem Solver
  • Organizer
  • Activist

Some other helpful items which I won’t go into further here included understanding my “toxic skills” and how I deal with failure, and listing my personal mentor board and “toxic people.” These things may change over time, but with these points in mind, I developed my vocational credo:

God put me on earth to build and manage structures and people so that “the least of these” can be seen, loved, served and drawn towards Christ.

This is specific enough that it gives me focus and direction for my career and how I spend my time, but general enough that it can be lived out in a variety of contexts.

In addition to Loyd’s book (and of course my wife), I’ve also consulted with a number of mentors as well as with a close network of family, friends, and partners. It’s tempting to make life decisions in a vacuum, or to only consult with one or two voices, but I believe that these choices are best made in the context of trusted community. With the support of my community, I look forward to living more fully into and better understanding my vocation in the coming years!